blast from the past… have a Willy

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Shit aint ever simple…

At long last I’ve written and recorded a rap track. I had some major tech issues so this track is just vocal. All reaper files are in my cloud so feel free to violate me as rough as you please. Anyway it’s, something?

Oh, turn up the volume, apologies for poor production!

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A worms life

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You And I Are One

It’s Valentine’s Day, hip hip hooray. Have you ever been in love? Have you ever told a chick that you love her? Have you ever cried in front of a dude? Have you ever farted in front of a chick accidentally? All of these questions and more are answered in this ultimate love ballad.

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Needs evil Tommy clip

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Blast from the past

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Marcus Gorgon has arrived

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T.Z.N.T. Sci fi

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New Mg

Hey fans and true believers,
After relocating to the north, prof set me the challenge of writing a song referencing one of the things that is in abundance up here……Rain.
So here it is….Rain.
Keef, i’ll upload to the cloud, feel free to remix if you think it worthy….rock.

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