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The latest from the Linton Studios….

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2013 – TZ’s Silver Jubilee

2013 may be just another year after the death of the earth due to the Mayan calendar, but to others… next year holds big celebrations. 25 fucking years. 1988 – 2013    

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Hot New Merchandise Hits the Shelves

Yes the new range of TZ merchandise aka another fckn hoodie, has been released for this years winter fashions. featuring a new red/yellow logo (nice one Keith) and band member name featuring upon the sleeve, this hot item is sure … Continue reading

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I’m back!

Hey mofo’s, this is based on the only riff I contributed to summit 3 before my mind shut down. I’m pleased to say the psychosis has passed and, with proper management, should be kept at bay.

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TZ on Vinyl

                    The next evolution occured in the Dunny Studios™ today with the first pressing of TZ to vinyl. A statement to media read :- “TZ are proud to offer their complete … Continue reading

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The fans ask for it and TZ delivers…….

                              We now live in a very different world to that of the days vinyl, cassette tapes and CD’s. It’s all about torrent rape these days, … Continue reading

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Prof’s Birthday Melt

Yes, it’s Prof’s birfdy & to celebrate the occasion he has released a signature Prof Melt. A Melt? Yes that’s right, as in motlen, fluid and oily, so sit back and get ready to stain your trousers and clickt he … Continue reading

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Calling all TZ fans

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It’s almost time…

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