Anyone for velvet socks?

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  1. yeah I stuffed up the timings, but as I cant yet work out how to get the metronome to work without actually recording it I am a bit stuck. But that aside at least I managed to get a decent vocal recording, the rest will work itself out over time, aka I had no real clue wht to add to the vocals as the timings were fckd. Nuf said I rcken is still ok.

    • Remember that the metronome issue you were having was because of selected the incorrect button on the mixer. Make sure you set the Line/USB IN to ‘PHONES’. That way you will hear the metronome through the headphones, but it wont be sent to the main mix to be recorded.

      Its funny, both of the samples you selected have been used in previous TZ tracks.

      Extra trivia points – who can tell me which 2 TZ songs have these samples in them?

  2. Marcus says:

    Who cares about timing, that shit is over rated. That was cool dude, you’re channeling the spirit of the Lizard King, smooth jazz lounge grooves, the next TZ album will be a big mix of styles. Keep spitting me out.

  3. Johnny Farqua Juanoss says:

    Poetry bro!
    What are the 2 tracks keef?

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