i took to much

All songs from summit 3 have come from a bit over an hour of footage so far still have four tracks coming from that editting session. have about 6 hours of dark footage to go through yet

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  1. At last I remeber something from the night! I recall pretending to sing this track (the early part where i am wearing the mask) and doin a bit of a piece for the camera and then the snakes aka the mic leads, I remember they were bugging me for some time. I like the guitar action on this track, has a good flow and some solid vocal work by TOmmy.

    As for the volume of footage to go, fck me Tommy it will keep you busy til Christmas, but as laways keep up the good work.

  2. I agree you need a fckng medal for sorting all of this out. I’m going to give you one.

  3. Johnny Farqua Juanoss says:


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