This shit just got real…

What the fck!??

What the fck!??

Yes thanks for the jaw drop Keira, as unfortunately for the Prof shit has again got real aka fcked. I resigned from my job and am now with my son and heir at Cockington Manor licking my wounds wondering how things have gone so wrong again. It seems that for yours truly life is meant to be trying and difficult, my mental health has been precarious pretty much all this year and has led me to make some some damage repairs, first off being to end work. I will re-emerge in the work force hopefully as a peer worker (as in lived experience of mental health and getting more support in the role as compared to just an ordinary Joe) in time and have sought the support of family to help bring light to the darkness that currently surrounds. I am needing to make some changes in my life and one I am currently thinking of is a drug and alcohol free one. Yes what a turn up, not the first I have talked about kicking the drugs but a first for grog also, it is the one that spurs on the desire for the drugs and it really is time to bring down the shutters on this fun and destructive period of my life.

One thing remains certain, the Prof continues to live on and refuses to surrender to the darkness. I thank you for your understanding.

Toddle pip!


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4 Responses to This shit just got real…

  1. Bobby says:

    Doesn’t matter what your doin. You will always be a cliff diving rock star to me. Keep it real we all love ya.

  2. Marcus Gorgon says:

    Hey bruv, sorry to hear about your predic., it’s always hard to know how any of us are doing when we only get snippets, perhaps we could change our name to The Challenged (just a thought). Might just about be time for a sojourn to the country to see your SSG brethren. (Bring your clubs and jnr. too)

  3. In the 80’s, when i slammed my bedroom door in teenage angst, annoyed at life, the poster on the back of my door was always there to remind me….

    hang in there dude

  4. Thanks gents, I appreciate the kind words. Thans fck for TZ!

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