Warsong 2014

In a yearly TZ tradition, the lads are returning to lead a musical assault in remembrance of the ANZAC spirit.

Warsong 2014

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  1. Ummm, I thought this was for 25th, as in ANZAC day itself? I can’t do the 26th, I have junior and can’t change the date as Dan is away. It looks as though I will be providing the words for someone else to sing, oopsy.

    • Damn, i thought you were definitely across the 26th date (you were at my place the day the date was set).

      • Indeed I was at your place Sir, though as I recall it was Anzac Day that was discussed and this is what I put in my calender. I distinctly recall confirming with you it being a Friday or rather I recall putting it in my calender and it being a Friday, that bit I am sure of! Is a fair chance that I may have stuffed up here, the reality is though that this means little as I can’t do it I’m afraid. I remember thinking that as it was the public holiday it mattered little that it was the Friday. I was looking forward to it, is one of those things I guess, all good.

        • Was discussed for 25th, but not confirmed for 26th till Juanoss sms’d back which was around the time we ate that narcolepsy wagyu burger. Either way, we’ll have a smaller event or shift till another date.

          • Got ya, thanks mate, I was keen, rather I am keen to participate in any TZ event and will have to hold my powder dry for a bit longer. Will write lyrics still, as to what angle these may take will let the mood decide at the time, possibly tomorrow in fact.
            Yes the burger, that cheese overload has distorted my memory…

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