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Marcus’ Metal Mayhem

America 1989 Rock has been driven underground. Long before the Beastie Boys, Keel were fighting for our right to Rock!!! TZ carry on that brave tradition, we will never stop rocking, no matter what the authorities say!!!!

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propofol and glory holes

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Marcus’ Metal Mayhem

Featuring Tawny Kittaen.

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Classic TZ Toon from 1993

My how those two have changed.

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gloryhole: 2 zombies 3 dogs 1 room 1 gloryhole

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The Notebook

I was set a task of writing 500 words about where I was sitting at that very moment. It was just as a mental exercise, who knew it would turn around to be about TZ. You may find it interesting… … Continue reading

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2 ZOMBIE 3 DOGS 1 ROOM 1 WEEK – part 2

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This is a song for you.

Hey Prof, can you work some magic with this track please?

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Maintain the representative

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2 zombies, 3 dogs, 1 room and 1 week part 1

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