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Politics or religion with lyrics!

I had some difficulty with getting the vocals heard above the MG magic, guess that’s just a recurring issue when we use different software packages (get Reaper MG!), which led to me recording two different versions that I could do … Continue reading

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A quandary

What? Slight problem with exhumed competition in that they want band members names and place of work as well as a photo and link to a track. I’m thinking to just bullshit it all, use band names and make up … Continue reading

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Good day to you gentlemen, I happened upon a radio advertisement for another round of ABC 774’s exhumed competition (see link below) I spoke with Tommy about this last year, but we had missed the entry and I was … Continue reading

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Long Distance Collaboration Time?

Hey dudes, was hoping to combine some Cockington magic with some Fontaine lens work and Gorgon guitars. I’m thinking a bit of rap rock here Prof, let me know your thoughts?

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Sandwich for you / Grinding too much / Sandwich

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Marcus relives his theatre sports roots with help from Tommy and the Maestro

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Vikings 2014

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