TZ Family Camping

The first annual TZ camping trip was held in mid January and proved to be a raging success. TZ members had the chance to unwind with their recognised and accepted offspring (no bastards were welcome on this trip). The trip also gave hard core TZ fans a chance to spend a leisure 2 days with their favourite band members (no fans turned up). All in all a fantastic time was had by all (even Marcus’ wife).

Prof and an excited young fan after his hunting workshop.

Offspring off Sweet Georgia May Trabanski , Maestro Dave and Marcus.

Maestro Dave and an adoring fan.

Maestro and one of several conquests.

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4 Responses to TZ Family Camping

  1. Tommy Zygote says:

    Looks like a good time

  2. Hey everyone, Tommy is back.

    Heya Tommy.

  3. Professor Cockington says:

    Ah yes the annual and general meetings of the family, fans and the band(s). It was indeed fun times with delights shared by all who attended, including Mrs G who was at times vocal in her appreciation of her husbands exploits. The bastard children though indeed not present, were not left unforgotten with an official spilling of the seed ceremony occurring in the quiet of the night times.

    I’d also at this opportunity like to offer my warmest regards and fondest of tidings to Sir Thomas of Zygote. Your absence, re-occurrence and permanence is, was, both then and now, tomorrow and always, cherished, honoured and endured aka It’s great to have you back, not that you ever left.

    I don’t think I can put it more clearly (or succinctly) than that.


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