For our sweetest of Gorgons’

I don’t really know what a ditty is, but I thought this might be what you were asking for Marcus. Sure it’s not the sweetest of tales, but it’s topical, which may mean something to someone in our vast supporter base…

I see your hand but I will not grab it…

I was just trying to be free

(Sung in the style of when I was seventeen…)

When I was in grade 3, I was raped by a priest
He was a beast and he licked my bum
It was not fun, now I’ll never be free

When I was in grade 4, I started to sell weed
I got high on my supply as I was in such pain
Now it’ll always rain, as my life is so grey

When I was in grade 5, I tried to take my life
I’d tired of buggery and drugs, I wasn’t getting hugs
It seemed no one was there, so why should I care?

Now I am aged 40, I have my brothers in TZ
We like to have lots of fun, no one pokes my bum
I still smoke green, some mistakes are hard to clean

I now have a kid of my own, but I feel so alone
A life spent without someone, well it aint much fun
I have a bike not a car, so I don’t get all that far

Now I’m cutting my wrists, with a knife that is sharp
It doesn’t hurt much I don’t feel anymore
Now I’ve closed life’s door, that’s it for ever more

I was just trying to be free——————————–

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6 Responses to For our sweetest of Gorgons’

  1. Marjory Higinbottom says:

    Nice job dude, but by ditty I mean start writing some crappy little songs (as in music and lyrics), you’ve got the software and know how to operate it, so rock out!

  2. Rufus McDoofus says:

    Yes I belatedly worked out that this was indeed your intention. It’s moved up on the agenda, stay tuned…

    • Cool McGool says:

      Inspire us rufus with a ditty, we’re feelin musically flat.


      • Professor Cockington says:

        I’ll do my best to lift the spirits of the TZ brethren, though it’s not going to occur until next week unfortunately. In the interim check out the new Ask the Prof, I’m sure you’ll be swept away by the latest tale (not tail).

        • Next week passed so quickly into last month, now were into this month looking into next week.

          I’ll race ya… you get a new prof track up and ill release the new TZ album.

  3. Rufus McDoofus says:

    Well I can hardly knock that challenge back, will give it a crack for sure.

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