I’m a man with a one track mind

Knowing what you want to do and then doing it, surely a decent plan to success. Except of course if your a junkie, then it’s success measured by your ability to keep repeating your plan. I guess success can be varied innumerably by an individual’s tastes as well, be they junkie or humanitarian, the measure, the plan, the outcome, the effect upon others all vary greatly, yet still share some similarities.

If I was to offer you a constant supply of the finest drugs on earth or world peace, would it matter to you how I intended to deliver such outcomes? I’m imagining that apart from wondering why I was offering you this, that you would be focused upon other more pressing thoughts, such as;

‘Is it just me who can get high or can others join me?’

‘How long does it take to build up a tolerance and how likely am I to overdose?’

Some might instead be wondering how it is that I could bring about world peace, then perhaps wonder at how long it would last. Yes let’s shelve the world peace, seems so unlikely when compared to a room full of drugs, mmmmm lovely drugs.

Is it that we put our own happiness ahead of others? Is it this that may explain why we might be tempted by this chemical Nirvana? Fck knows.

It’s really that the two options are only significant in that they are indeed just that, options. Just like following through with a plan, it’s an option you could do, that you might do, but perhaps it’s not as likely to lead to such a heady outcome. So much of life seems to be about these choices. Do I do x instead of y? Do I do them together, side by side in an orgy of algebraic lusting and thrusting?

We delude ourselves in to thinking that we have no choice, surely we are moulded and shaped by our laws, values and culture? One person’s plan counts for little when stacked against the state, so we are instead choosing predetermined options, a fixed set of variables. I don’t believe that, but I do believe it’s an influence, how could it not be?

But that’s not my point. Whether we choose x or y is neither irrelevant or immaterial or pointless. The few real freedoms we have are our ability to choose and our willingness to follow plans through.

I choose TZ.

I have no real plan, but I do know that I am committed and though I may have produced little physical results of late in regards to following through on my choice, I know that I am headed down a path that is right for me. It’s not always about results, it can also be about making the right choices and sharing the journey.


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4 Responses to I’m a man with a one track mind

  1. Marcus Gorgon says:

    Can you please make me up a t-shirt that says I Choose TZ?

  2. Professor Cockington says:

    How could I not? If you buy from http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Mens-Adult-Gildan-Ultra-Cotton-Jersey-Knit-Short-Sleeve-Colour-Plain-T-Shirt-Top-/201678307477?var=&hash=item2ef4f6c095%3Am%3AmOMETGGtHi_2egzVTeEQGvg&_trkparms=pageci%253Aafd7a470-026f-11e7-8b68-74dbd180f6f6%257Cparentrq%253Aa3c7618d15a0a786c81a6495fffbf711%257Ciid%253A10
    But get it sent to me and I’ll make it up for you Sir. I think I have one transfer left, so you are in luck as I’m awaiting funds before buying more, ah the wait of the poor man….
    Anyway I’d be happy to do you, this service. I’m thinking the ‘I choose’ with a TZ logo next to it. Thoughts?

  3. Now you need the Wham inspired edition.


  4. Fergal Von Sharkey says:

    It’s a well used theme the crown and keep calm one, but I’m thinking that perhaps a ‘get angry and make music with TZ’ might be more appropriate perhaps…

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