Moron re-release

The new Deaner perhaps?

A slowly wisening man once said “looks to the clouds, not for darkness and rain but for gems in the light”

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4 Responses to Moron re-release

  1. Professor Cockington says:

    I like it Keith, I like it a lot. You’re the thinking man’s Timberlake, the working man’s Vincotto with chips and the nobleman’s saucy wench with a mug full of scrumpy. I’m not sure where this comparison of mine is headed, but I did like the re-release with added whistles (bells I think weren’t included) and assorted tinkering…

  2. Marcus Gorgon says:

    Sweet fckn as!! Now I see the light. Collaboration and the clouds, nice tinkering more so with the vocals and the inspired third verse with whistles par excellence!! Glad you kept the Olivia shout too!! Onwards and upwards, what’s next dude??!!

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