Some darkness for the new light…

I’d meant to do this track earlier, but better late than never. It seems I can’t add any effects to the track without incurring an annoying beeping noise, not sure what going on, but if anyone can assist I’d be much obliged…

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  1. Marcus Gorgon says:

    Even though that track has been in your repertoire for some time, the first line is still quite jarring. I’m impressed with 5 listens and 7 hearts on sound cloud, more people love it than have heard it!! Nice work cocko.

  2. Rufus McDoofus says:

    I got hearts! How bout them apples? I listed it as dance hall music, so maybe that’s the key, just list the track on SoundCloud in some obscure category and you’ll garner some love.
    As for the first line, well I’m not sure why I wrote it, don’t think I was trying to be topical, guess I must’ve been listening to the news and it kind of sunk in. By the second line I’m guessing any discomfort is gone, as who doesn’t like a good lick around the back passage, well that’s what TJ says!

  3. You gotta set your soundcloud tracks to allow downloads or upload this stuff to the cloud first if you want us to touch your sweet voice.

    I’ve always added all our tracks under random and bizarre genres, hasn’t worked that well in drumming up business. The latest is under Crokinole Rock.

    But what is Crokinole i hear you say.. im glad you asked.

    • Professor Cockington says:

      Okay, apologies I only now realise I had the tracks in a folder only I had access too, oopsy. So I’ve moved the tracks into my cloud in a folder called my tracks, so that should fix that problem. I also have made them downloadable on SoundCloud, again I thought clicking public allowed them to be downloaded, but no, too many fckn settings!

  4. Professor Cockington says:

    Crokinole looks like marbles, classic clip Keith. The tracks are in the cloud and I thought were downloadable on SoundCloud, Guessing might’ve put them somewhere hard to find… Okay one is in the cloud and one isn’t, not sure what I’ve done there. Will also make sure they’re able to be downloaded​, can’t after all deny the legions of fans giving them hearts!

  5. Jfj says:

    With a simple deep beat riding behind your sweet melancholy lyrics these is Classic TZ!
    Well play Prof

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