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Cosmo covers thrashing zombies tokyo promo tour.

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TZ in Tokyo. Issue 2

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Some late night hump day lovin

It’s best not to eat your own shit Now as you’re no doubt aware, consumption of faeces can lead to an assortment of gastric illnesses, so why would one be tempted? Well I could provide a list of possible reasons, … Continue reading

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Thrashing Zombies stand with our North Korean brothers and sisters!

At this particularly challenging time for the people of North Korea, I thought it an appropriate time to reflect on the TZ/North Korea connection. Together we stand against the crazed capitalist swine Trump. Long live Kim Jung-un.

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Tuesday’s Meanderings…

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some of the ever present discussions in my head. It helps me gain order, the writing of them that is, hopefully it offers you some light relief at the very least… ┬áThe art of … Continue reading

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Front cover of TZ comix 2

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