Television stardom beckons…

Breaking news….

Professor Cockington to audition for the opportunity to be a comedy quiz show participant Friday week.

Will fame and fortune follow a successful audition? 

Is the Prof lowering himself by auditioning for the small screen?

Stay tuned…

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4 Responses to Television stardom beckons…

  1. Is it that new Ch7 one they were giving away ticket packages yesterday?

    Milk it.

    TZ Shirt.
    MAGA hat
    EMO hair

  2. Rufus McDoofus says:

    Nah, it’s Hard Quiz the one on ABC with Tom Gleeson. Definately the TZ gear, I was told to wear ‘smart casual’ to the audition, so will see how it goes. Gotta get the gig first before anyone knows I’m on it. Never fear but as I put I was in TZ and did ask the Prof in my application, so hopefully if successful we can indeed get some exposure. If I pay my cards right it could land us another gig in Bendigo!

  3. Professor Cockington says:

    Nah not a link, just mentioned it, the tease without the full reveal.
    I’m impressed that Ask the Prof is the source of info for troubled teens and adults, go TZ!

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