Anything For You

Hey studs, sorry to break the monotony, I love looking at the same posts over and over again. Here’s a new song with the requisite coda that is longer than the actual song. Song itself is a love song from me to you.

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4 Responses to Anything For You

  1. Rufus McDoofus says:

    They’re great posts to look at, I know I’ve enjoyed seeing them over and over again. I did put a non-musical one up last week, but I realised it didn’t make much sense, yes so that’s saying something!
    Just listened to the track, I like it bruv, you’re sounding a bit gravely of throat, like the aged old school rocker type that you are! Or maybe you were slowly choking on smoke from the pot belly in the man cave, either way I liked it. I had to check I hadn’t bounced to another track at the 2.20min(ish) mark, the change up was unexpected but very soulful. Always respect your talent bruv, this is another fine addition to the anthology.

  2. Ohh, poly-tempo coda. The soothing MG sound shines through.

    I’ve been working on a anime-goth side project, ill be back soon.

    • Professor Cockington says:

      Wow, pretty dark Keith, I like it. Is this you and your niece or you and Megumi from Nagoya University?
      Either way nice work.

  3. Marcus says:

    Awesome dude, stellar production, sounds like you and Megumi are in an opium den. Nice mascot too.

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