The silence of the fan’s…

The trouble with taking part in life is that you can’t control how it will turn out, we don’t always get what we think we deserve…


The party has ended

It was more the chance of what could’ve been, rather than what actually came to be.

For a good while things went well, generally, but things have a way of falling apart.

‘It’s not you it’s me’

It’s neither of us really, we can instead blame our genetics, still us though I guess.

When you can’t share what’s going on you can’t expect things to change, or get better.

So they continue, sometimes you win and then you forget the frustration, you forgive.

Not for long though do the good times last, the wrong thing is said, you forget to care.

It’s history you share, so nobody is to blame, it’s just that cracks get wider.

It’s these small changes that upset you, but you say nothing as you know it won’t help.

The alterations get more frequent, the slights get larger, yet still no one is to blame.

You are angry that things are this way.

‘We could’ve tried harder’

But you accept it’s how things will remain.

It’s out of your hands, though you could try more, your pride says to let it go.

Now it’s just a waiting game, it was good while it lasted but the party has ended.

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  1. Broken fan in reality or metaphor for life?

    All is good, the new 4 year old album dropped today and sperm in a condom is still our biggest hit.

    Philadelphia, United States arrived from and visited
    11/08/2017 14:28:17 (3 hours 29 mins ago)

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