Pour Les Fans…

After much delay, the new TZ album has dropped. Tracks you’ve heard many times before, and some you maybe haven’t. Exciting news after 4 years between LP’s.

This one is dedicated to the TZ fans…


















And the reviews roll in…

An amazing journey if you give it a chance, the Emoji Movie is a masterpeice” – Douggie Bray NYT

I suppose certain college fraternities could make listening to it part of their hazing rituals” – Dean Marsh USC

Did I mention it’s got 21 tracks and is free to download?” – Keith Fontane TZ


1 Wolf Love
2 Black Coffee
3 The cancers back
4 Chasing the midnight sun
5 Dont blame me, I have to go
6 Wanna be with me
7 Lean on TZ
8 Love Junk
9 Pussy is pussy
10 Moron
11 It used to be so easy
12 Rough Love
13 Close enough to heaven
14 She was walking
15 Take his life
16 You’re alone
17 Prison’s no fun
18 Tie a yellow riibon (DMT Edit)
19 Waltzing Matilda
20 Brendan’s Story
69 Pour Les Fans





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4 Responses to Pour Les Fans…

  1. Alternate liner notes…

    1 Wolf Love – MG/KF 1st cloud collab, inspired by Ronnie James Dio
    2 Black Coffee – Tommy and lady did the original. Prof, Juan added later.
    3 The cancers back – 1 min taken from 1hour of raw Tommy with a FNM keyboard hook.
    4 Chasing the midnight sun – Juan played all instruments, 1 hour with beer.
    5 Dont blame me, I have to go – MG’s music remixed, Profs cloud lyrics, rare Keith vocals.
    6 Wanna be with me – Recorded live pre-Pixies, mixed by Charles.
    7 Lean on TZ – Ode to the moments shared by TZ.
    8 Love Junk – MG instrumental re-inspired into profs b/w noir mind
    9 Pussy is pussy – MG rock instrumental turned electromental
    10 Moron – 100% MG, 100% remixed from the cloud.
    11 It used to be so easy – TJ Sprinkles first addition to TZ
    12 Rough Love – Charles inspires Scissor Sisters vocals from MG and Sprinkles
    13 Close enough to heaven – MG, MG jnr, JFJ garageband classic from SSG.
    14 She was walking – After 25years of involvement, Maestro adds his first track to the TZ lineup.
    15 Take his life – Rambo soundscape inspired by “several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving to a pict”
    16 You’re alone – The outcome of the a ‘live online’ recording session when no ones schedule aligned.
    17 Prison’s no fun – After listening to The Saints “I’m Stranded”, MG and Keith recording this.
    18 Tie a yellow riibon (DMT Edit) – Classic TZ filler with a broke ending
    19 Waltzing Matilda – Raw SSG energy and love for your land.
    20 Brendan’s Story – A dark re-purposing of B’s experience into a TZ tale with a happy ending.
    69 Pour Les Fans – “just do a random ending Prof”

  2. Marcus says:

    Yes!!! The fans cry out with joy (me, you, Prof, Tommy, Juan…,maybe Maestro). Great work dude, the discography grows, we will be revered in the 23rd century!!!

  3. Rufus McDoofus says:

    Great work Keef, it was sheets thing to be worth the wait. I like the mixture of old and new, I think the fans will appreciate it. More feedback in a few days when I’m home to listen to it.

  4. Professor Cockington says:

    I’ve finally listened through from start to finish, what a masterpiece! Your production brilliance Keith creates the utter majesty that is TZ! What a team effort, so many great tracks, so much love and respect, so much genius on display. I’m quite literally touching myself in ecstasy. See you at the launch party!

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