A Brave New World

A mere note from the pages of the life and times of Professor Cockington…

Friday 18th August, hours of the am.

After such critical acclaim to the release of Pour Les Fans, it was inevitable that young Master Cockington would of course be intrigued as to what ‘Pappy and his chums’ had produced. Now I’m not one to break confidences let alone reveal another man’s ablution routines, but suffice to say it was ‘mid-dump’ that Master C first heard the new album.

I say album, as like his father (your humble narrator of this tale), the evening ‘drop-off’ is often a solid (no pun intended) period of time in which one can reflect upon the day’s activities, or at the very least listen to the staff’s recount of the day’s activities in order to ascertain those that are in line for a good thrashing and those that are to instead be merely denied their young Masters love, both figuratively and literally.

Now braggadocio is not a vice to which I’m familiar, yet young Master C’s entrancement I could only surmise was due to the exquisite nature of the album and not shock and disbelief at its lyrical content. In fact such was the degree of his rapture that he was moved to tears and could be heard to exclaim ‘Bravo! That’s how you indeed treat these treacherous wenches’, which I assure you made this ‘old man’ shed a tear or thrice.

Ahhh yes, the development of man child to man surely must warm the cockles of even the most wretched of unhomed winter sleepers. I was truly struck at the wonder of creation at such a moment, reflecting especially upon the marvel of doing so in thines own image. He’ll make a great Master to the estate’s in time, of that I am certain and in the interim with the right training and guidance, his development assuredly remains on track to excel in this brave new world of ours.

An extract from the journal of Professor Cockington; ‘From Riches with Bitches: How to slay Ho’s and play-doughs’.


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2 Responses to A Brave New World

  1. Mgorgon says:

    Great job Prof, your insights have been hidden in the back pages/tabs of TZ for too long, welcome to the light. I look forward to our podcast trial, and though I haven’t actually worked hard on it, or even on it, I am hopeful we will conjure some magic.

    • Professor Cockington says:

      Work is what’s best left to valets and those less worthy than ourselves to enjoy ‘free time’. After all if I pay for your board and food and perhaps even give you a modicum of income, then you aren’t free, nay you are property and as such you depreciate over time and therefore you work to pay the debt that is owed and thus the wheels keep turning… But yes preparations must be made for the success of any endeavour to be assured.

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