Dog licking bells

The boys tell a tale of the great times now, and the bad times ahead.

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3 Responses to Dog licking bells

  1. Professor Cockington says:

    Nice to hear some political discourse from TZ, a fine effort gentlemen. It seems that we are indeed in a productive mood across the TZ-sphere, long may it last!

  2. Marcus says:

    Indeed, hope you all sent back your postal votes dudes. I want to marry Tommy, Keef can marry Juan and Prof can marry Maestro, then we’ll go on a honey moon tour.
    By the way i’ve booked the hall for the record launch…..

  3. Rufus McDoofus says:

    I’ve organised the permits and have sent out a media pack in relation to our launch to all the trade mags, so it’s just catering and of course organising tickets and merchandise for the fans.

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