Parental discretion is advised…

I often reflect upon the interesting times we are living in and who better to assist in these interesting times than the Prof? It was with this in mind that Marcus and I began building upon the idea of an ‘Ask the Prof’ Podcast. We completed three episodes and upon listening to them realised just how offensive they were, it was at times very funny due to this high level of offence, but it also made us realise that we could not in good conscience upload them for public consumption, even if nobody would hear them anyway.

So they are instead up in the cloud in my cloud, under ‘my tracks’ in the folder ‘podcasts’. At some near stage I will give them an edit, but until then enjoy the rough and ready love of the Prof with Marcus as our host Richard Ashcroft and TJ Sparkles as Calvin Klein the sound engineer. I play both the Prof and Midnight Jeeves his faithful valet. They require the volume to be turned way up, just part of our issues on the day, enjoy!

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3 Responses to Parental discretion is advised…

  1. Professor Cockington says:

    I had some feedback from young Master Cockington in relation to the track ‘Black Coffee’ from the new album which I was playing for him at the breakfast table.
    The former Mrs. Cockington was flapping her trap in somewhat negative tones, to which the young master took umbrage and responded
    ‘It’s good!’.
    I looked at him with a smile and he asked
    ‘Has anybody else said it’s good?’
    I almost cried…

  2. Marcus says:

    Wish someone I knew would say that….did you record him saying it??

  3. Rufus McDoofus says:

    Yes if only it occurred more often so as not to be a shock when it does happen…

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