New TZ EP… Merry Jesus Day

Just in time for the xmas rush and the end of the free world is TZ’s most political release to date.


1 Dog licking bells
2 Im vulnerable
3 Going to the circus
4 Killers to the end
5 Watch your back



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3 Responses to New TZ EP… Merry Jesus Day

  1. Professor Cockington says:

    Nice work Keef! Seems we were both thinking of our brothers in TZ at the same time, but your gift is so much more pleasurable. Your the concrete that creates the rock, merry Xmas bruv.

  2. Marcus says:

    Wow solid as fuck production and quality tunes, maybe we should go for quality over quantity throughout the next decade??

  3. Professor Cockington says:

    I was just listening to the EP again and it struck me what a killer track ‘Watch your back’ is, it’s a masterclass of production from you Keef. It heads in different directions, crossing genres like a mthabitch, yet it is seamless. It brings together the diversity of TZ in one track, it’s a new fave. Your work, though understated is far from overrated, rarely hated yet often slated, like the po is tated and other such rhyming words…

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