New Mg

Hey fans and true believers,
After relocating to the north, prof set me the challenge of writing a song referencing one of the things that is in abundance up here……Rain.
So here it is….Rain.
Keef, i’ll upload to the cloud, feel free to remix if you think it worthy….rock.

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3 Responses to New Mg

  1. JFJ says:

    Impressed MG. Don’t let the rain get you down….. let it inspire you. Well played.

  2. Rufus McDoofus says:

    Well what to say about this unexpected track? I’m not sure who it reminds me of but I do know I like it a lot and it’s quite the surprise to have your produce such a track MG. I’d have thought you might feel such a track ‘too soft’, I guess it just highlights the breadth of your musical tastes. It’s indeed a worthy entrant into the annals of TZ, a great job Sir, with the layered vocals especially kicking arse, impressive shit indeed.

  3. This is a sweet track, definitely worthy of a future remix. I wouldn’t change a lot to it. When you upload it, see if you can export the drums/keys in wav file too.

    I like that we’re all exploring extra vocal takes. My new track is 5 layers of dorbs/juan backing.

    Write a new track about ‘heat’

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