Gorgon Personal Project

I’ve been distracted by preparing this song for Grandma Gorgon, now i’m ready to rock again!!

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2 Responses to Gorgon Personal Project

  1. Professor Cockington says:

    A cynical man might conclude that you’re looking to save coin by producing fruit from your bountiful orchard, but that would be grossly unfair. A beautiful track MG, with some funny lines about balding offspring and much tenderness and even a touch of lament. I was wondering how you’d end this piece, my thoughts were moving towards a spoken word outro, perhaps a bit of ‘love you mum’ from your good self, but no, even better, the as of yet unrecorded progeny make their debut with some birthday stylings. I’m thinking this will be on high rotation at Grandma’s Gorgons and will earn you some decent points in the coveted ‘Top Son’ competition, well earned Sir, well earned indeed.

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