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Parental discretion is advised…

I often reflect upon the interesting times we are living in and who better to assist in these interesting times than the Prof? It was with this in mind that Marcus and I began building upon the idea of an … Continue reading

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There is always something to learn…

I had some unexpected contact and it got me thinking of how to better prepare myself for future operations…   Bad ain’t always all bad It’s rare that when things go badly, that you can see the benefit of the … Continue reading

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A Brave New World

A mere note from the pages of the life and times of Professor Cockington… Friday 18th August, hours of the am. After such critical acclaim to the release of Pour Les Fans, it was inevitable that young Master Cockington would … Continue reading

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The silence of the fan’s…

The trouble with taking part in life is that you can’t control how it will turn out, we don’t always get what we think we deserve…   The party has ended It was more the chance of what could’ve been, … Continue reading

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I’m not one to get upset by the ‘fake’ media but when this guy starts taking pot shots somethings gotta give, plus he doesn’t even work for Breitbart anymore. What’s going on?

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The Daily Battles…

Now I’m not usually an angry guy, sure at times I’m prone to the odd burst of mock outrage and yes I enjoy the rough and tumble lifestyle of the famous and the daily duel with the ‘paps’. But at … Continue reading

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Capturing the moment

I was just listening to some of our stuff and this track reminded me of the moments that we share, those times when it comes together. Here’s to many more and those to come soon…    

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A storm front is brewing on the cloud

I finally put vocals to Take Me Back, the fateful track that Marcus and I were so close to finishing last September. Sometimes you need to wait for good things to occur, then again you could just do it quicker… … Continue reading

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Television stardom beckons…

Breaking news…. Professor Cockington to audition for the opportunity to be a comedy quiz show participant Friday week. Will fame and fortune follow a successful audition?  Is the Prof lowering himself by auditioning for the small screen? Stay tuned…

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Some late night hump day lovin

It’s best not to eat your own shit Now as you’re no doubt aware, consumption of faeces can lead to an assortment of gastric illnesses, so why would one be tempted? Well I could provide a list of possible reasons, … Continue reading

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