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lady gaga

secret footage of lady gaga from melbourne tour. Tried to get into a nightclub but we stopped her. All caught on phone. She was not happy. the night club wanted thrashing zombies to play there instead. Professor cockington un did … Continue reading

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The fans ask for it and TZ delivers…….

                              We now live in a very different world to that of the days vinyl, cassette tapes and CD’s. It’s all about torrent rape these days, … Continue reading

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Challenge Accepted #2

Its like recording tape to tape over and over again, you eventually lose the quality, but you get the jist. Who’s next motherfunkers? Is see you there, are you ready to rock? Video streaming by Ustream

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Breaking News – Juanoss and Wack found safe

The mysterious whereabouts of two of our distinguished TZ members, Wack Dady and Johnny Farqua Juanoss is becoming a little clearer. Recent press photos found on the net show that the boys have just hiked down from the mountains on … Continue reading

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Lost Tribe – Metaphor for the TZ discovery?

TRIBESMAN – Metaphor for the clueless public, only just leaving their closed in world to discover with amazement the growth, future and potential of TZ. WHITEMAN – Metaphor for TZ. Cool, collected and ready to share its culture to the … Continue reading

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It was only a matter of time….

I find that you need to constantly adapt to the times. I’ve watched others continually shun the new, “but Keith I don’t need an iDevice”, only to watch magical sparkles appear in their eyes when they decide to commit. The … Continue reading

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