Television stardom beckons…

Breaking news….

Professor Cockington to audition for the opportunity to be a comedy quiz show participant Friday week.

Will fame and fortune follow a successful audition? 

Is the Prof lowering himself by auditioning for the small screen?

Stay tuned…

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Root 66

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TZ in Tokyo issue 3

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Cosmo covers thrashing zombies tokyo promo tour.

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TZ in Tokyo. Issue 2

On another promo tour in Japan

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Some late night hump day lovin

It’s best not to eat your own shit

Now as you’re no doubt aware, consumption of faeces can lead to an assortment of gastric illnesses, so why would one be tempted? Well I could provide a list of possible reasons, if pushed, such as; saving money on buying warm meals, ease of consumption or even just simple curiosity. The thing is though that you don’t do any of these things, curious or not eating your own shit holds little temptation.

Yet all of us do it on a regular basis. Now sure I’m not talking about actual faecal matter, but it’s a similar (read completely dissimilar) thing. We, probably on a daily basis, will give ourselves a hard time over some indiscretion, some real some only perceived. The examples again are numerous and I’ll give you a couple just so we’re on the same page…

1. I shouldn’t have eaten​ that.
Now this is a classic, for some of us, it’s part of our daily routine of self-criticism, add something about wardrobe choices and you’re on the way to developing an (or nourishing the existing) inferiority complex. ‘I’ll never look as good as x.’

2. I should’ve done more today.
Now be it work, exercise, time with the kids, housework or creating TZ originals, we are always finding ways to be critical of not ‘making the most’ of our time or money. ‘They always have time to do the stuff I can’t do.’

Now like me I’m guessing you’re​ sick and fckn tired of these mythical beings whose greatness makes us look like failures. Now I won’t insult your intelligence by stating the obvious here, the ‘mythical’ part already makes it that way, what I’m trying to say, is that by failing to acknowledge on a regular basis, just how kick ass you actually are is fcking with your life in ways that you’ve probably not taken the time to contemplate.

What are you saying oh wise, yet tragically failing Professor?

Well firstly, I don’t appreciate the insult! My life is a pretty open book cnt, I don’t try and fool anybody, least of all myself by saying my shit tastes like roses, my point is that always battling this shit gives me a degree of insight that I’m trying to elucidate upon to all of our benefit.


Just listen a moment and we’ll be done.

By engaging in self-critical behaviour, you allow yourself the opportunity to withdraw from what it is that truly enlivens and occupies your earthly desires (yes earthly, I’m catering for the religious types here). If you can’t find the strength to push yourself, to believe in yourself, then you don’t, you accept, you justify, you wallow, you stagnate.

Yes there is a broad spectrum by which to measure yourself here, all I’m suggesting is that more self-love, more constructive self-talk will allow you to be in a better spot, mental health wise, to pursue what it is that gets you frothed of loin.

D’oth endeth the lesson.

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Thrashing Zombies stand with our North Korean brothers and sisters!

At this particularly challenging time for the people of North Korea, I thought it an appropriate time to reflect on the TZ/North Korea connection. Together we stand against the crazed capitalist swine Trump. Long live Kim Jung-un.

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Tuesday’s Meanderings…

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some of the ever present discussions in my head. It helps me gain order, the writing of them that is, hopefully it offers you some light relief at the very least…

 The art of Control

It sometimes feels like things are spinning out of control. In the past things spun quickly, they now move more slowly and I have time to do something about it, to act or to just watch it spin around again and again. I guess this is a sign of me improving, the oft spoken ‘recovery’ is in progress, tracking upwards but forever threatening otherwise.

I have a problem with my online usage. Yes a new issue, but not so new. I’m forever buying stuff from China that I think I need and that I rarely can afford. It’s not large items, more just crap that I can live without, but as it’s cheap I think ‘fck it just buy it’. This combined with me binge reading news sites and looking at crap on YouTube, has seen me forsake sleep, school work and worst of all reading books. Things spinning slowly out of control…

It’s not that they’re massively bad habits or drastic changes in my life, but the reward and comfort I trick myself into believing I’m obtaining, is what frightens me more. ‘I can’t live without this stuff.’ I hear myself lament, but I can, I just don’t choose to, for now at least anyway. I just put it down to my general boredom and increasing levels of free time on my own, but that changes also. Things are again slowly spinning…

Like much of life I go through patches, things change, they evolve, today’s boredom and isolation is replaced by tomorrow’s busy schedule of train trips, meetings and conversations. It’s the swings that trouble me, I’m alone, I’m not alone. Back and forth forever swinging one way or the other, in control for now but for how long?

It would be nice if things had a reliable pattern to them and I guess in some ways life does. It’s just a case of whether the pattern is one you choose or rather one that you’ve allowed to be chosen for you. Perhaps it’s not the spinning that’s the issue but rather my ability to control it. If that’s increasing then maybe I’ve got little to worry about.

That would indeed be a nice thing, but I won’t allow myself to be too comforted by this thought. As if I do, then something will go wrong, my vigilance is what helps me keep control and it’s not something that I wish to ever let slip, not anymore, well maybe just not for now. No fck it, never again, life’s too short to let things get out of control, the slope remains slippery and it’s my ability to keep control that matters.

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Front cover of TZ comix 2

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Brendan’s Story

With all things dark, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel… the new album drops soon.

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