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  1. Micky Pimples says:

    Why don’t you blokes come up and play at Bendigo again?

  2. Warum gehst du nicht einfach zu spielen, anstatt Drogen zu nehmen und zu handeln wie Kinder?

  3. Tommy zygote says:

    I still have a dent in my forehead from a beer bottle top thrown at me when we wouldn’t play acadaca

  4. ishark says:

    please i want chant to invoke demon

  5. Billy says:

    Billy Snodgrass says: Don’t make me cripple you fuckers! Rah! But, in fact, I kid. As one of the 3 true original members (uh, leave it) I want to say ROCK , SHOUT AT THE DEVIL,…and I think I left my wrist watch inside someone at the last party. I want it back……last gig eh? Photos, I want photos or it never happened. I’ll go you quid pro quo with the photos. Nice one guys! OI OI

  6. Billy says:

    Is Keith Fontane even still alive? Get in touch if possible. Love to say gday. Gday.

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