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  1. Inside the studio with Marcus Gorgon.
    I arrive at what looks more like a convention for the homeless, but is in fact the recording studios for Marcus Gorgon who is producing a new album entitled GorgonZola: My life stinks like cheese. An album which is set to feature such tracks as Clean my Willy and Suck on Daddy’s Blue Vein show a rare side of Marcus Gorgon, as not only one of rock’s great innovators but as also a friend to the rare orangutans. I ask Marcus about this new chapter in his life;
    “I’ve always felt a deep infinity with monkeys, especially the ginger one’s as I had a tabby cat when I was little and we called it bananas.”
    Such pure heartfelt emotions are what drive Marcus Gorgon. Once known for his stunning features and long flowing locks, fans can also expect a new looking Gorgon, as he includes a portfolio of private photos from his time with the Malaysian tribes of Borneo last fall.
    “Yeah Borneo was a special time for me, I’d just gotten over my anal warts and was keen to get back into playin some heavy experimental rock again. The time I spent with the Ganoba people, was like a spiritual awakening. Plus they had some of the most pure heroin on earth, they were some pretty fuckin wild times and without these photo’s I wouldn’t remember any of them.”
    This new look was partly inspired from a severe case of blood poisoning and malaria that left Gorgon close to death. Fan’s can expect a leaner and hungrier looking Gorgon, as he attempts to put weight back on and re-grow his hair after it was burnt off in a ritual involving female porcine virgins, or young suckling pigs to you and me. I saw some of the footage of this so called ritual and believe me my collection of German Labrador porn has nothing on what these sick fuckers get up to.
    So what can fan expects on this new album?
    “Yeah they can expect some music for sure, I’m gonna be doin the playin and the singing on my own for this one.”
    As Gorgon fans will know, such understatement hides a precocious talent that just won’t quit. It seems that the boys from Thrashing Zombies have talent in abundance, as Gorgon’s solo project literally made me weep. I experienced a sneak listen to Suck on Daddy’s Blue Vein, which left this reporter deeply moved and gagging for more. All I can say is don’t wait for the iTunes release make sure you buy this one direct from the TZ website.


  2. TommyZygote says:

    Who is BFT? Great journalist.

  3. ProfCockington says:

    Dear Sir Thomas,

    Apparently he is a half caste from one of the colonies, but dont hold that against him as he is now a writer with some trash called Rolling Boulder or some such. Interesting piece on Master Gorgon, didnt realise he liked to get dirty with the pigs though, but it does rather make sense as I found him balls deep in a ham sandwich the other day. Quite a shock to the system I must admit.

    With the greatest of esteem and respect,

    Yours Sincerely,

    Professor Cockington

  4. TommyZygote says:

    Your a modern day shakespear prof.

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