Professor Cockington

A gift from heaven

“When one lives one learns. ”

It is that simple. One might say our complexities are a product of these learnings, making us but mere Cheezels in the snack bowl of existence.

Yay and verily are but two of the many words I could mention if asked to recite a list, thigh is another.

Another four words are; learning, drive,  persistence and concentration.These four are different though, as they are also the key skills that have helped the Cockington name flourish for more than 12 centuries. It’s current patriarch,  when viewed in a modern setting and infused with an exuberant mix of massive velectrocity and impartial nuances, creates a Professor that is indeed more than a mouthful and more importantly, worthy of distinction.                 Truly a gift from heaven…





God said let there be cock and so it was…



4 Responses to Professor Cockington

  1. ProfCockington says:
  2. TommyZygote says:

    That`s brilliant. Nice work dude.

  3. Marcus Gorgon says:

    Good work dude, a spectacular free-fall dive with all the grace and sophistication of Nurayev.

  4. I fckn love you Professor!
    What else are you up to at the moment?
    Mt readers at Rolling Stone would love some of your cream!

    All my love,


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